Tree Removal Service in Lake Mary & Volusia County, FL

Often times trees can’t simply be trimmed or pruned. Sometimes, due to the health of the tree or safety reasons, complete tree removal is necessary.

Why Remove a Tree?

There are many reasons tree removal is an important part of yard maintenance. Trees may need to be removed for Safety, Health, or even just Aesthetics. Let’s look at each of these benefits:

  • Safety: Removing trees that may cause damage property or people if they fall is a primary reason for tree removal.
  • Tree Health: If 50% of the tree is damaged, it should probably be eliminated. Severe damage to the main trunk also often warrants removal of the tree.
  • Aesthetics: Leaning trees are more of a hazard than those growing vertically. A sudden lean indicates breakage or weakening of roots and the tree should probably be removed immediately. A tree leaning more than 15% from vertical should be evaluated for removal.

If you feel a tree needs to be removed because it poses a threat, it’s important to contact a professional arborist. At DTS Tree Service, we have the right experience and equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently.

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